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Troubleshooting F1 2020 Error 1008 H

fix f1 game error code 1008 h

F1 2020 is a must-try title for all Formula 1 fans. As a player, you get to drive the fastest cars on epic tracks and engage in record-breaking races.

This error affects Windows, Xbox and PS4.

How To Fix Error 1008:H

⇒ Check for schedule maintenance: Since this is a server-side problem, check if the game is down due to scheduled maintenance. If this is the case, wait until the developers have deployed the server updates and try again after they confirm the game and its servers are up and running again.

⇒ Install the latest F1 patch: The latest game updates may bring some changes and improvements related to how certain network configurations connect to the game servers. Ensure you installed the latest F1 version to benefit from these improvements.

Fix 1 – Refresh your connection and update your network devices

Make sure this issue is not caused by a faulty or unstable home network connection on your end.

Reboot your modem and check if error 1008:H is still there. Unplug your modem and/or router and wait two minutes before plugging everything back in and restarting your network devices.

Next, check for updates and if there are any pending firmware updates, install the latest router firmware version and try to launch F1 again.

If this problem is caused by bandwidth issues, you can fix it by disconnecting all the other devices eating up your bandwidth. In other words, if there are other devices connected to the same network you’re using to play F1, go ahead and disconnect all of them, especially if they’re actively streaming video content — which is a bandwidth-hogging activity.

Alternatively, if you can connect to a different network, do it and check if that solves the issue.

After you’ve done all that, launch the game again to check the error is gone.

Fix 2 – Disable your VPN or any IP-hiding tools

If you’re using a VPN or other programs to hide your device’s IP, you should be aware that such tools might reduce your connection speed by up to 30%.

A slow connection means increased chances of experiencing various errors and glitches when your device is trying to connect to F1’s servers.

Use a VPN or other programs from the same family only when you really need to and the benefits definitely outweigh the downsides.

⇒ Note: There are many players who confirmed that getting a VPN actually helped them to solve error 1008:H. So, if you’re not using a VPN, install one but make sure it’s gaming-friendly. If there’s already a VPN running on your device, try to disable it. Test both these suggestions to see which one works best for you.

Fix 3 – Tweak your firewall/ antivirus settings

Your firewall or antivirus might also be blocking some of your F1 game files preventing you from connecting to the servers.

Ensure F1 appears on the list of the approved programs. Whitelist the game and try again. For detailed instructions on how to whitelist a program, check the official support page of the firewall or antivirus you’re using.

If whitelisting F1 did not work, try switching off the firewall and antivirus. Check if you can connect to the game servers with these tools disabled.

If you can, contact your firewall/ antivirus support team for further assistance. The security programs you’re using might not be compatible with the F1 game.

Always remember to re-enable your firewall and antivirus after testing the connection.

Fix 4 – Run the Internet troubleshooter (for PC)

Fix 5 – Contact your ISP

If you’re still getting the same error, contact your ISP and have them check the network configuration. Maybe some of the settings they’re using are not quite compatible with F1.

Fix F1 2021 Error Code 1008H Online Services Error

Fix F1 2021 Error Code 1008H Online Services Error

The F1 2021 Error Code 1008H “Online Services Error” occurs when the players launch the game and try to connect to the server. Users can still play the offline game, but the connection to the server results in an error. If you encounter the error, the first step is to check the status of the servers. If the servers are fine, troubleshoot your internet connectivity. Next check your NAT type, it should be Open to play the game. If your NAT type is Open, run the Window troubleshooter.

Using a VPN to play the game has also worked for a lot of players so you can consider that as well. For earlier titles like the F1 2019, the error 1008H could be fixed using the Microsoft Easy Fix, but the service is discontinued and Windows 10 users can use the Troubleshooter instead.

How to Fix F1 2021 1008H Error

If you have encountered the error on the day of launch or later, it’s probably because of server problems. Only in rare cases would the user be required to port forward to fix the error. Here are all the solutions you can try to fix the F1 2021 1008H error.

Check the Server Status

As mentioned earlier, the most likely cause of the error is a problem with the servers. You can see this error when the servers are undergoing maintenance or there is a glitch. Whenever you get the error, the first thing you should do is verify the status of the servers. If a large number of people are having the problem it’s because of the servers. You can see the server status and user reports at the Downdetector website.

Verify Your Connection to the Codemaster Servers

There is a quick way to verify if your system can connect with the Codemaster server. Simply follow the link and if you get “CDN connection successful,” there is no problem on your end.

Try Playing the Game Using VPN

This is probably the best chance you have got of playing the game even with the server being down in your region. F1 servers can be down for one region while it appears fine for another from our experience with the game. Hence, if you want to play the game, use a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for gaming and it’s what we use ourselves. You can go with the free plan or paid.

Test the NAT Type (Xbox Users)

Sometimes you need not change the NAT Type to fix F1 2021 Error Code 1008H Online Services Error, especially when it’s already set to Open. You just need to reinitialize it by testing the NAT Type. Here are the steps to test the NAT type.

Run Windows Troubleshooter

Here are the steps you can follow:

Run the same process for Incoming Connections. Just in case that’s the problem. Now, launch the game and check if the F1 2021 Error Code 1008H Online Services Error still occurs.

Change NAT Type to Open (For Advanced Users)

To change the NAT type you have to forward ports. But, before that check if your NAT type is Open or not. If it isn’t only then proceed with the steps.

For PS4 users, the steps to check NAT type – Settings > Network > View Connection Status

For Xbox users, the steps to check NAT type – Settings > Network >

If you have the necessary permissions, let’s proceed to port forwarding, but first we have to assign static IP for the Xbox and PlayStation.

Before assigning the static IP address, we need to find the IP address of your device. Let’s find and note down the IP address.

For Xbox One Users

For PlayStation Users

Now that you have your IP address and the Mac address, we can set the static IP. Follow these steps to set the static IP.

Having set the static IP, we can now proceed to port forwarding.

Remember of fill the exact protocol – TCP or UDP under the Type of Service Type option. As there is option to open one port range at a time, do this multiple times until you add all the port ranges.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope your problem is fixed. If you have a more effective solution feel free to comment and share with others.


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