FIX sqlstate 42000 – mysql error 1064 – you have an error in your sql syntax

Sqlstate 42000 Is a general code that come together with other number. Most often comes with the code 1064 and is related with SQL syntax error. This kind of error has been seen reported mostly on MySQL but also on other type of databases. This happen because your command is not a valid one within the “Structured Query Language” or SQL. Syntax errors are just like grammar errors in linguistics. In the following article we will try to explain the MySQL error 1064 but not only. Also we will show other error codes that comes together with Sqlstate[42000].

Full view of my sql error code 1064:

SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL (or any other like MariaDb) server version for the right syntax to use near (And here is the part of the code where the error comes)

sqlstate 42000 – mysql error 1064 – you have an error in your sql syntax

Other error codes related with Sqlstate 42000:

Understand and FIX MySQL error 1064 – sqlstate 42000

SQL 1064 means that MySQL can’t understand your command!

This type of error first need to be understood and after that you can fix it. The common causes of this error are:

If you see words like “near” or “at line”, you need to check for problems in those lines of the code before the command ends.

How do I Fix SQL Error Code 1064?

So in general the error tells you where the parser encountered the syntax error. MySQL also suggest how to fix it. Check the example below …..

In some cases the PHP commands has wrong lines. Create SQL commands using programing language can be the good example of this. So you will need to check and fix those commands. Use echo, console. log(), or its equivalent to show the entire command so you can see it.

The error can occur also when you misspell a command (e. g. instead of UPDATE you write UDPATE). This can occur often since are so easy to miss. To prevent this, make sure that you review your command for any typing error before running it. There are a lot of online syntax checkers that can help to debug your queries.

Reserved words are words that vary from one MySQL version to another. Every version has its list of keywords that are reserved. They are used to perform specific functions in the MySQL engine. If you read the error and identified that occurred on an object identifier, check that it isn’t a reserved word (and, if it is, be sure that it’s properly quoted). “If an identifier contains special characters or is a reserved word, you must quote it whenever you refer to it.” You can find a full list of the reserved words specific for each MySQL version and their usage requirements at MySQL. com.

Another possible reason for the sqlstate 42000 MySQL error 1064 is when you use outdated commands. As Platforms grow and change, some commands that were useful in the past are replaced by more efficient ones. A number of commands and keywords have been deprecated. This mean that they are due for removal, but still allowed for a short period of time before they turn obsolete. On cases that you have an older backup of a MySQL database that you want to import, a quick solution is to just search and replace “TYPE=InnoDB” with “ENGINE=InnoDB”.

If the relevant data missing from the database which is required for the query, you’re obviously going to run into problems. Using phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench you can enter the missing data. Interface of the application allow you to add the missing data manually to an appropriate row of the table.

You have an error in your sql syntax

You have an error in your sql syntax

“You have an error in your sql syntax” – Example 1

The error code generated jointly with the statement “syntax error or access violation”, “You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL (or any other like MariaDB) server version for the right syntax to use near” and after that the part of SQL code where the issue is. So in simple way, the error view is showing you also where is the error. For example we have the error:

So how to understand this?

from is a keyword in SQL. You may not use it as a column name without quoting it. In MySQL, things like column names are quoted using back ticks, i. e. `from`. Or you can just rename the column.

Another example of “You have an error in your sql syntax” sqlstate 42000 – Example 2

The above query is missing a closing parenthesis in the query:

Just put a parenthesis ) before that apostrophe and it should work.

MariaDB error 1064 – Example 3

An example with MariaDB version issue. Trying to do example of tagging and when:

Reason is that is using MariaDB and JSON columns are only supported by MySQL. Convert to MySQL to resolve the issue.

MariaDB error 1064

MariaDB error 1064

Fix error 1064 mysql 42000 while creating a database – Example 4

MySQL error 1064 can be appearing also while you are creating database using hyphen in the name like Test-Db. This can be solved by using back tick around the database name properly or remove the hyphen in the database name.

You will get error:

So adding back tick around the database name will solve the issue.

Transfer WordPress MySQL database to another server

Exporting WordPress database to another server can also be cause the 1064 error. Can be resolved by choosing the compatibility mode and changing the database version to the current version you’re using. Please select the compatibility mode under the advanced tab when performing a backup and after that click the auto-detect file character set when restoring the MySQL database.

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The reason behind the error it’s related closely to the end of error message. We would need to see the SQL query to understand completely the issue you’re facing. So this is the reason that we can’t completely fix the MySQL error 1064 but we exposed some examples for you. You will need to review the documentation for the version of MySQL that you are having this error appear with and your syntax to fix the problem. There are multiple reasons for its cause. We suggest you perform the sqlstate 42000 error fixes if only has experience on MySQL database.

How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error (5 Methods)

MySQL 1064 Error

If you’ve been using WordPress for a while, you may have decided to get into more advanced database management. This often involves using the MySQL command line, which can, in turn, lead to confusing problems such as MySQL 1064 errors.

Fortunately, while resolving this error can be confusing at first due to its many potential causes, its solutions tend to be relatively simple. Once you determine the reason behind the database error you’re seeing, you should be able to fix it fairly quickly.

In this post, we’ll cover the various possible causes of the MySQL 1064 error. Then we’ll share solutions for each common situation, to help you get your database and your site back up and running.

Why the MySQL 1064 Error Occurs

The MySQL 1064 error is a syntax error. This means the reason there’s a problem is because MySQL doesn’t understand what you’re asking it to do. However, there are many different situations that can lead to this type of miscommunication between you and your database.

The simplest cause is that you’ve made a mistake while typing in a command and MySQL can’t understand your request. Alternatively, you may be attempting to use outdated or even obsolete commands that can’t be read.

In other cases, you may have attempted to include a ‘reserved word’ in one of your commands. Reserved words are terms that can only be used in specific contexts in MySQL. If you attempt to use them in other ways, you’ll be faced with an error.

It’s also possible that there is some data missing from your database. When you make a request via MySQL which references data that isn’t where it’s supposed to be, you’ll also see the 1064 error. Finally, transferring your WordPress database to another server can also lead to the same issue.

As you can see, there are many potential causes for this problem, which can make it tricky to resolve. Unless you’re in the process of moving your database or taking some other action that points to a specific cause, you’ll likely need to try a few different solutions before you land on the right one. Fortunately, none of them are too difficult to execute, as we’ll see next.

How to Fix the MySQL 1064 Error (5 Methods)

If you already have an idea of what’s causing your MySQL 1064 error, you can simply skip down to the resolution for your specific situation. However, if you’re not sure why the error has occurred, the simplest strategy is to try the easiest solution first.

In that case, we’d suggest testing out the five most likely fixes in the following order.

1. Correct Mistyped Commands

The good thing about MySQL typos is that they’re the simplest explanation for syntax issues such as the 1064 error. Unfortunately, they can also be the most tedious to correct. Generally speaking, your best option is to manually proofread your code and look for any mistakes you may have made.

We suggest using the MySQL Manual as a reference while you do so, double-checking anything you’re not sure about. As you might imagine, this can get pretty time-consuming, especially if you’ve been working in the MySQL command line for a while or if you’re new to this task.

An alternative to manually checking your work is to employ a tool such as EverSQL:

MySQL 1064 Error: EverSQL syntax checker

EverSQL syntax checker

With this solution, you can simply input your MySQL to check for errors automatically. However, keep in mind that these platforms aren’t always perfect and you may still want to validate the results yourself.

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2. Replace Obsolete Commands

As platforms grow and change, some commands that were useful in the past are replaced by more efficient ones. MySQL is no exception. If you’re working on your database following a recent update or have referenced an outdated source during your work, it’s possible that one or more of your commands are no longer valid.

You can check to see whether this is the case using the MySQL Reference Manual. You’ll find mentions of commands that have been made obsolete by each MySQL version in the relevant sections:

MySQL 1064 Error: Manually removing obsolete commands

Manually removing obsolete commands

Once you’ve determined which command is likely causing the problem, you can simply use the ‘find and replace’ function to remove the obsolete command and add in the new version. For example, if you were using storage_engine and find that it no longer works, you could simply replace all instances with the new default_storage_engine command.

3. Designate Reserved Words

In MySQL, using a reserved word out of context will result in a syntax error, as it will be interpreted as incorrect. However, you can still use reserved words however you please by containing them within backticks, like this: `select`

Each version of MySQL has its own reserved words, which you can read up on in the MySQL Reference Manual. A quick find and replace should enable you to resolve this issue if you think it may be causing your 1064 error.

4. Add Missing Data

If your latest MySQL query attempts to reference information in a database and can’t find it, you’re obviously going to run into problems. In the event that none of the preceding solutions resolves your MySQL 1064 error, it may be time to go looking for missing data.

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Unfortunately, this is another solution that can be quite tedious and has to be done by hand. The best thing you can do in this situation is to work backward, starting with your most recent query. Check each database it references, and make sure all the correct information is present. Then move on to the next most recent query, until you come to the one that’s missing some data.

5. Use Compatibility Mode to Transfer WordPress Databases

This final 1064 error solution isn’t as straightforward as the others on our list. However, if you’re migrating your WordPress site to a new host or otherwise moving it to a different server, you’ll need to take extra steps to avoid causing problems with your database.

The simplest solution is to use a migration plugin that includes a compatibility mode, such as WP Migrate DB:

WP Migrate DB WordPress plugin

WP Migrate DB WordPress plugin

This will enable an auto-detection feature that will make sure your latest site backup and database are compatible with multiple versions of MySQL. You can access the compatibility mode setting by navigating to Tools > Migrate DB > Advanced Options:

WP Migrate DB settings

WP Migrate DB settings

Check the box next to Compatible with older versions of MySQL before starting your site migration. This way, you should be able to avoid any issues during the process.

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Database errors can throw a wrench in your plans, and may even compromise your website’s stability. Knowing how to resolve issues such as the MySQL 1064 error can help you react quickly, and minimize downtime on your site.

There are five methods you can try to fix the MySQL 1064 error when you encounter it, depending on its most likely cause:

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