How to fix 12 Common Nikon DSLR Error Codes

How to fix 12 Common Nikon DSLR Error Codes?

Updated on July 24, 2021

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Summary: Are you unable to use your Nikon camera due to errors like ERR, FEE, F, F0, For, E, etc.? Learn how to fix 12 most common Nikon errors and how to recover photos and videos from camera lost due to these errors.

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Nikon users often face various kinds of errors that pop up on their camera display panel. The common ERR, FEE, For, E, etc. freeze camera to the extent that even turning it off and on doesn’t help. The situation is annoying as these errors don’t let you use your camera further and may lead to loss of photos and videos from the camera SD card.

Whether it is Nikon D70, D80, D90, D750, D3500, D7200 or any other model, the error could be due to multiple reasons such as non-CPU lens, improper SD card, dust, etc.

Read on to know how to fix 12 such common Nikon errors, and how to recover deleted or corrupt Nikon photos & videos from Nikon cameras.

12 Most Common Nikon Camera Error Codes & Solutions

1. ‘Err’ error message


Figure 1: Nikon ‘Err’ message in D750

‘Err’ message on Nikon D750, D80, D810, D90, etc., points toward internal camera issues. The error could be because of faulty lens, dirt, incompatible SD card, inappropriate camera exposure settings. It may also occur when you turn-on the camera and immediately start recording at high shutter speed, which more often than not, disables or crashes your Nikon DSLR.

Solution: You can do the following to fix Nikon ‘Err’ camera error:

2. ‘FEE’ error message


Figure 2: FEE error message on Nikon DSLR

The ‘FEE’ error on Nikon DSLR appears when the camera lens is not attached properly; has incorrect aperture setting; or you’re using non-CPU lens such as the NIKKOR AF or NIKKOR P lenses.

Solution: To fix ‘FEE’ error in Nikon, you may try the following:

Figure 3: Highest aperture marked in orange in camera

Figure 4: EE servo coupling on Nikon lens Figure 5: F-min switch on Nikon camera

If either of the two is broken, the lens issue could be due to this. Contact the authorized service centre for return or service.

3. ‘F’ error message

F error on Nikon camera screen

Figure 6: F error on Nikon camera screen

If you see ‘F’ error message on your Nikon D7000, D7100, D850 or other camera, this can indicate a lens issue. Either the camera lens is not connected properly or the non-CPU lens is attached.

Solution: Remove and reattach the camera lens ensuring that it fixes properly. It’s recommended to use a CPU lens, such as NIKKOR lenses type D, E and G. However, if you have old non-CPU lens, select the exposure mode A (aperture-priority auto) or M (manual) on the camera.

If the problem continues, try a different lens.

4. Triangle with F0 error

Nikon error triangle with F0

Figure 7: Nikon error triangle with F0

A triangle with ‘f0’ is typically reported in Nikon D700, D300, and D200 using G-series lenses. It is also one of the case where the lens is not attached to the camera properly because of dirt or alignment issue.

Solution: Turn-off the camera. Remove and reattach the lens so that it attaches properly to the camera. Also, clean the connection points between the lens and camera using a microfiber cloth.

5. ‘For’ error code

Nikon D7200, D500, D80, D90, D70 and others often show ‘For’ error code in the camera’s control panel. It is a format card error, which means your DSLR is unable to read the first sector of the SD Card.

Solution: To fix the ‘For’ error in Nikon devices, you may do the following:

6. ‘Cd/Err’/’Cha’ error code

Figure 8: Nikon D80 Cha error

‘Cd/Err’ or ‘Cha’ is old Nikon D40, D70, D80 error issue. When you see ‘Cd’ or ‘Cha’ error in the control panel of the camera, it indicates memory card problem. Either your camera doesn’t recognize the SD card or it has detected an invalid partition. ‘Cha’ error is commonly reported after users copy or delete photos from the Nikon SD card and reuse it without formatting.

Solution : You can do the following to fix ‘Cd or ‘Cha’ error:

7. Information icon error in Nikon

If you see an ‘i’ in a circle on your camera display, it is the information error icon. The error appears because of camera battery or SD card issue. Nikon battery may be drained out or your camera SD card is unable to store photos and videos.


8. Nikon Error (-E-)

The (-E-) message on Nikon display screen is a memory card error. Either SD card is not inserted in camera or the camera is unable to read the card.

Solution: Do the following to fix the Nikon error:

9. Nikon ‘This card cannot be used/read’ error

‘This card cannot be used’ or ‘this card cannot be read’ error message on Nikon camera means your SD card is either incompatible with the camera, damaged, corrupt or not inserted properly.

Solution: Do the following to fix Nikon memory card error:

You can also apply the same troubleshooting methods in case of ‘No memory card error’ message on Nikon screen.

10. Nikon error ‘Recording interrupted. Please wait.’

Nikon Recording interrupted error

Figure 9: Nikon Recording interrupted error

You turn on the camera and start recording. But after few seconds receive the message, ‘Recording interrupted please wait’. This may be followed by camera freeze or ERR card error, after you turn-off and turn-on your Nikon DSLR.

The record movie error, ‘Recording interrupted. Please wait’ is commonly reported in Nikon D750, D3100, D3300 and other D-series models. It occurs when the camera can’t save the recording data to the SD card. This usually happens when the memory card is of lower Class, which has slow read/ write speed. Most of the other video recording error messages in Nikon camera are due to slow SD card.

Solution: Get a memory card that has faster write speed. It is recommended to use Class 10 SD cards such as Extreme SanDisk SDXC UHS-I Card or Lexar Professional 633X UHS-I etc.

11. Press shutter release button

Nikon Shutter Release error

Figure 10: Nikon Shutter Release error

Nikon ‘Press Shutter Release button’ error appears when your camera’s shutter is jammed due to dust particles.

Solution: Turn off the camera and clean the Shutter button.

12. Nikon error code r18, r19, r02 etc.

Nikon r12 error

Figure 11: Nikon r12 error

Nikon camera display stuck with letter ‘r’ and a number like r13, r12, r04, etc., when you half press the shutter button is often mistaken as an error. However, it’s simply a notification from your camera about the number of more shots your buffer memory can hold under the current camera settings. When the buffer shots are full, you won’t be able to shoot temporarily till the images are processed. Post processing, buffer space is again available and recording automatically continues. So no need to worry if you receive r12, r02, r20 and so on message on Nikon camera.

Before formatting camera card, backup your photos and videos. If the SD card is not accessible due to any error or other logical issue, use a Nikon SD card recovery software that retrieves lost photos and videos.

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How to fix corrupt SD card on Mac

Steps to format the Nikon SD card in camera :

If you are trying to fix any Nikon DSLR error using formatting, but the problem doesn’t resolve, it means the SD card is damaged. Get the new SDXC or SDHC camera card.

How to recover photos & video lost after fixing Nikon error?

Step-by-step: How to recover from Nikon photos and videos

Note: Don’t use the camera SD card, until the lost files are recovered to avoid overwriting of data.

How to Repair Photos & Videos Corrupted due to errors in Nikon DSLR?

There are instances reported that after fixing an error code in Nikon DSLR, the saved videos and photos are corrupted.

You can use Nikon photo repair software – Stellar Repair for Photo to fix corrupt JPEG, and RAW (NEF and NRW) image files.

While the best tool to repair corrupt video is Stellar Repair for Video that supports Nikon H.264/ H.265 MP4, MOV, and AVI files.

These software are compatible with Nikon memory cards including Class 10 UHS-I SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar Professional and others.

Recommended: You may be interested in Stellar Photo Recovery Premium — a unique software that not only recovers Nikon’s deleted photos and videos but also repairs those (photos +videos) that get corrupt.

You can avoid the above errors on Nikon Camera! Here are the tips.

Wrapping Up

Nikon camera error troubleshooting is helpful. However, if you are not able to fix the error, contact the authorized Nikon Service Centre near you.

In order to recover photos & videos lost due to camera error, use Nikon Recovery software – Stellar Photo Recovery. It’s best to try the free demo version to preview the recoverable Nikon camera files.

11 Nikon Error Codes and Their Quick & Easy Fixes

Well, in most of my earlier posts I have written several memory card errors and their fixes. In this blog, I am going to discuss few Nikon error solutions that will surely help you to fix Nikon error codes effectively.

I have found in many communities and forum websites, that people using Nikon DSLR digital cameras are getting “Nikon error messages”.

This Nikon camera error message is creating havoc to the users. Below you can see the real user’s example.

Let us take a users example:

I’m not sure what is going on, but my D90 is showing “err” on the top display. I’ve removed the battery and turned the camera on and off a few times and no change. I have removed the lens and remounted and still not change.
Does anyone have an idea of what else I should check?

Thank you

Source:https://www. photographytalk. com/forum/nikon-camera-forum-nikon-cameras-lenses-and-accessories/224570-nikon-d90-error-message-on-top-display

Almost all modern Nikon DSLR cameras such as Nikon D90, D80, D60, D40x, D40, D5000, D3000, D200, D300, D300s, D3, D3s and D3x display different kind of Nikon error codes. This can be really problematic – particularly if you are a photographer and you have no idea on how to fix Nikon Camera error message.

Well, you do not need to get worried about it as I have listed some of the Nikon Camera error codes and their fixes in the next section of this blog that you can do it by yourself.

Troubleshooting Nikon Error Codes/Messages

1. Blinking “Err” Message

fix nikon blinking err message

Blinking Err is one of the most occurring error messages that you might see on the Nikon camera – because it occurs due to several numbers of problems.

The most common reasons are the dust particles that lie between the lens and camera, so you have to simply clean the area carefully and check again.

Another reason could be due to the camera startup problem. In this case, you can turn OFF the camera and remove the battery out of the camera and then re-insert it back and check again.

If you are still seeing the same Nikon error message – then try another lens on the camera in order to identify which part of the camera is faulty. If another lens is working fine, then it is clear that the problem is still in the contacts on the lens creating the issue. In such a situation you can visit the Nikon Service Centre.

2. Blinking “fEE” Message

fix nikon blinking fee error message

Blinking “fEE” error message gets displayed only when you are using lenses with an aperture ring. It generally occurs with older lenses and the fEE error message appears if the ring isn’t set to minimum aperture size.

To fix this, simply turn it back to this point – highlighted in orange color. If you are able to lock the aperture ring into its place, then you must do it – it will stop you from thumping it out of the alignment again.

3. Triangle With The letter “F”

Most of the time, this F Error message is limited to Nikon DLSR cameras. This particular error message appears when the camera is not able to communicate with the lens.

To fix F– error message, clean the contacts on the rear of the lens with the help of microfiber cloth and make sure that the lens is locked into its place.

If the problem still persists, then try different lenses to identify whether the problem is in the lens or camera. If you are not able to fix it by yourself, then you can take your camera to the service center.

4. Continuous (-E-) Message/No Memory Card Error message

Continuous (-E-) Message means that there is no memory card installed in the camera. But, if you are getting this error message even when you have inserted a memory card in the camera – then your camera is not able to read the card properly.

In order to fix no memory card error or continuous (-E-) message, turn off the camera and remove the card and clean it (particularly the metal parts that make the connection with the camera). Now insert the card and turn ON the camera and see if this fixes the problem.

Second, make sure that the card type you are using is compatible with your Nikon camera.

Third, ensure that the card is not full – if it is full of photos/videos and there is no space then transfer the photos and videos from the card to PC and delete them from the card.

If you are still facing the same error message, then you must format your memory card. You can either format the card within the camera or on the PC.

Note: Formatting memory card will erase all photos and videos from the card, hence, it is recommended that you must first back up all data of the card to PC and then format it.

5. Blinking “CHA/CHR” Message

Blinking “CHA/CHR” error message means that there is a problem with the memory card. It commonly occurs when you have copied the images from the card.

However, it can be easily fixed by formatting the card within the camera. But if in case the problem is not solved and you are still having the issue, then it is possible that you have a problem with the contacts. Clean the contacts and check the problem is solved or not – if not then send it to the Nikon service center.

6. “f–” or “f0” Error Message

fix nikon f or f0 error message

The “f–” or “f0” Nikon d70 error codes messages occur when the lens is not placed into its place properly.

To troubleshoot Nikon error codes – simply unmount and remount the lens and make sure that it gets placed into its proper place. If you are using the older lens then you may get the error message again because it is possible that older lens may not have electronic contacts, hence, it can’t communicate with the camera.

7. Stuck On R-Number

This is particularly not the error message, but several numbers of photographers reported that their Nikon camera has stuck on r-number, not allowing them to shoot photos even when the shutter is fully pressed. The r-number could be anything like r36 or any other number. What it actually means – well, it shows that you can take a remaining number of a photo on the buffer and it appears when you half-press the shutter.

But, why your camera is not able to take a photo even when the shutter is completely pressed? Well, there could be several reasons for this problem.

By default, your camera is set to focus on an image before taking the photos, so when you are taking photos in a very dark room or environment and your camera is not able to get proper focus then you will the r-number until it gets stuck to something.

Another reason behind the occurrence of this Nikon error codes is that your camera has been set to self-timer and hence the r-number will get displayed until the timer is complete.

8. “Information” Icon Error Message

There could be 3 reasons for a Nikon camera “information” icon error message (you will see “I” in a circle).

9. Cannot Record Movie Error Message

Cannot record movie error message occurs when your Nikon DSLR camera is not able to transfer the data to the memory card as quickly to record it.

This Nikon r99 error commonly occurs due to memory card – hence, you will require card that has faster read and write process speed. However, this problem can also refer to the camera – but you must first try different memory cards.

10. Shutter Release Error Message

If your Nikon DSLR camera shutter release is jammed then you get shutter release error message.

To fix Nikon d7100 error codes, you must check the shutter button. If there is any object or any other sticky grime that might be jamming the shutter button then, clean the button and try again.

11. This Image Cannot Be Deleted Error Message

An image cannot be deleted error message mostly occurs when the image you are trying to delete is protected through the software in the camera.

To fix Nikon d7200 error codes issue – you have to first remove the protection from the image and then you can delete it.

Recover Data From Nikon DSLR Camera Using Nikon Cemara Recovery Tool

You can repair ‘Nikon error codes’ by following the aforementioned solutions. But there is also a huge possibility to lose media files from Nikon camera card while fixing the Nikon d50 error codes. So, in such circumstances, how do you recover data after fixing Nikon d610 error codes?

Below you can find the solution for Nikon camera data recover!

It is one of the powerful software that will help you to recover corrupted, inaccessible, lost, deleted or formatted files such as photos, videos and audio files from the card devices.

Download Photo Recovery For Windows Download Photo Recovery For Mac
* Free version of the program only scans and previews recoverable objects.

Steps To Recover Deleted Data From Nikon Camera Memory Card

Step 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, select the drive, external media or volume from which you want to recover deleted media files. After selecting, click on ‘Scan‘.


Step 2: Preview Recovered Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media files after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you can select the images, audio, video files you want to restore and click on ‘Recover‘ option to save them at the location you want.


Final Verdict

I hope by reading the above fixes, you are able to resolve Nikon d80 error codes displayed by the Nikon DSLR camera.

But do remember that different model of Nikon camera display different sets of Nikon error codes that are listed above. In case while fixing Nikon d7000 error codes, if you find that the data gets deleted, then you can try the Nikon DSLR Camera Recovery Tool to get them back.

If the above fixes do not help you to solve the issue, then you can carry your Nikon camera to Nikon Service Centre.

Best of luck for troubleshooting Nikon DSLR camera error codes messages!

Alex is an expert technical writer with 7+ years of experience. His in-depth knowledge about data recovery and fascination to explore new DIY tools & technologies have helped many. Alex has a great interest in photography and loves to share photography tips and tricks with others.


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