Solved: This Video File Cannot Be Played Error Code 224003 Partition Magic

Solved: This Video File Cannot Be Played Error Code 224003 [Partition Magic]

error code: 224003

Have you encountered the problem that this video file cannot be played error code 224003 when you are trying to watch videos online? In this post, you will learn about 6 feasible methods from MiniTool Software to resolve the error code 224003.

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Nowadays, many people would like to watch videos online using their preferred browser. They can visit the website of a certain player media and watch videos freely without the need to download the player media application. While sometimes, users can’t watch a certain video through a website and receive the error message: This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 224003)

error code: 224003

This problem commonly happens to Google Chrome browser. If you are experiencing this issue, perhaps the embedded Media Player in your browser is incorrectly configured or the browser cache and extensions are interfering with the process.

To fix “this video file cannot be played error code: 224003” issue, you can try the following solutions.

Fix 1: Try Another Browser

If this problem occurs on your Google Chrome, don’t hesitate to try another browser at first, such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. This can help you visit website and watch videos smoothly again in most cases.

Besides, you can also try downloading the desktop version of the media player which always provides better user experience than the online version.

If you still want to use your Chrome to watch the video instead of downloading or employing another one, you can keep reading to get methods to fix the issue on your Chrome.

Fix 2: Clear Browser Cache

As mentioned before, your browser cache, cookies or other data might lead to the error code 224003. So, just follow the steps below to clear them:

Step 1: After opening your Google Chrome, click the vertical three-dot icon to open the menu.

Step 2: Click More tools and choose Clear browsing data.

Step 3: When you get the following window, switch to Advanced tab and set the Time range to All time. Check Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files, and other items you want to clear. Click Clear data button to remove the selected data.

clear browser data

clear system cache windows 10 thumbnail

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Fix 3: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Some users have successfully removed the issue by disabling the hardware acceleration feature in Chrome. You can also have a try.

To disable hardware acceleration, just go to Chrome Settings > Advanced > System and then toggle off the button next to Use hardware acceleration when available option.

disable hardware acceleration

Then, you can visit the specific website and try watching the video again to check if the error has been removed.

Fix 4: Turn Off Extensions

We have to admit that various extensions help you browse more easily and provide better user experience in your Chrome browser. However, certain extensions might arouse some problems like error code 224003 in our case. Thus, you can try disabling your Extensions added to Google Chrome.

Click the three-dot icon and choose More tools > Extensions. Then, click the switch button beside the name of extension to disable all the listed items. After that, restart your Chrome and check if you can watch video without the error code: 224003.

disable extensions

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Fix 5: Update Your Google Chrome

In some cases, the media player might not support the current version of your Chrome. So, it can be a good solution to update your browser. To update Google Chrome, you just need to open the three-dot menu and choose Help > About Google Chrome.

Then, your chrome will detect and download the latest updates automatically. After the update process is done, relaunch the browser and you should be able to watch video again.

google chrome not responding thumbnail

This post provides 6 reliable methods to fix Google Chrome not responding on Windows 10/8.1/7.


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Solve error code 224003 on your Chromebook, & Safari – Step By Step Guide

error code 224003

What is JWPlayer

Firstly, JW Player is the world’s most popular embeddable media player with 20 billion monthly streams. Whereas, it is remarkably lightweight, also works pretty well across all browsers, and integrates seamlessly with every ad network. Also, it has become the preferred choice for all the major websites that feature self-hosted video content.

Nevertheless, it is the most stable media player for embedded videos, an incorrect configuration might force JW player to load a video file that is not supported by the media player. In fact, this will trigger the Error loading media: File could not be played error. In fact, if the error is a mistake made by the web administrator, the end-user has very few means of fixing the issue.

Methods To Solve error code 224003 on your Chromebook, & Safari

Update Chrome to the latest version

Firstly, if you determined that the error is only appearing with Chrome, start by making sure that you have the latest version. Whereas, JW Player regularly updates the list with supported formats, but they might not work properly if you’re using an outdated version of Chrome.

1. PC users

Earlier if you determined that the error is only appearing with Chrome, then you can start by making sure that you have the latest version. Whereas the JW Player regularly updates the list with supported formats, but they might not work properly if you’re using an outdated version of Chrome.

2. Android Users

First of all, similar to how it is on PCs, Chrome should automatically update whenever a new version becomes available on Android Mobiles. Nevertheless, the process might be halted by a Google Play Store setting. By default, Play Store is preventing downloading app updates from a mobile data connection. Whereas, if you haven’t connected to a Wi-Fi network for a while, you might not have the latest version. Below are the steps for how to update Chrome on your Android device:

Deleting your cache and cookies

If the issue is not solved by the first method then, let’s see if the issue will be resolved after clearing the browsing data. Whereas depending on the device you’re using, the process is a little different.

PC users

Android users

Disconnect and reconnect the VPN service

If you connect using a VPN, first disconnect, and connect to the VPN again. Then try to access the video again.

Disabling Chrome Extensions On PC

First things first, extensions are known to cause the “Error loading media: File could not be played” error on Chrome. Whereas, this is even more likely if you’re using extensions to protect your online surfing. Fortunately, the quick way to find out if extensions are triggering the issue. Just open Chrome in Incognito Mode.

Whereas to do this, click on the action menu (top-right corner) and select New Incognito Window. It will allow you to browse more privately, Incognito Mode disables all your extensions by default (unless you allow them manually).

Lastly, while in incognito mode, open the URL that is displaying the “Error loading media: File could not be played”. Nevertheless, if the video displays just fine in Incognito Mode, there’s a high chance that an extension is interfering with the playback of the video.

Reset Chrome settings to default On PC

First of all, if you’ve come this far without a result, there’s one final thing you can do. Whereas this will most likely remove any setting or extension that is causing the problem, it can also create some problems.

In fact, when you reset your Chrome settings, most of the settings will be changed to the default state including site data, cookies, extensions or themes. In fact, only your custom fonts, bookmarks, and saved passwords will be preserved.

Lastly, once Chrome is back to the default state, the issue should be removed. Whereas if you’re still encountering the issue after following every method above, the problem is beyond your control and you’ll have to wait for the web administrator to fix it.

These are the best and simple methods that you can use to solve error code 224003 on your Chromebook, & Safari. If you have any other queries or any other methods that you would like to mention in this article, then you can feel free to drop it in the comment section below in this article.


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